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The collective strength of our special community has always been inspired by traditional, nomadic Kazakh villages, known as Auls.  Zhailau is the Kazakh term for the summer encampment.  

Zhailau is a special time devoted to celebrating the amazing culture of Kazakhstan in the company of our beloved Kazakhstani teachers. This 5-night retreat is all-inclusive, so the price you pay includes lodging, meals, and participation in all activities. There are a variety of accommodation choices available to meet your budget and lifestyle. The week promises to provide an opportunity to bring children and families together to explore Kazakh culture, learn from each other, relax, and play - - all while enjoying the lakefront setting of our host site, the Geneva Point Center, in Moultonborough, N.H.


Each July, we look forward to gathering again to celebrate our children’s birth culture together.  During this memorable time, we nurture existing friendships and establish new ones with families from all over North America. Children have the unique chance to bond with other children whose families have strong Kazakh connections. 

Whether you have joined us before, or are new this year, you are part of our Aul and we welcome you!



We will miss gathering with out community this summer and wish you all
a heathy and happy year


We look forward to being together in 2021

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